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Prevue 47, April-May, 1982

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Prevue 47, April-May, 1982

 COVER                        NASTASSIA KINSKI in  ONE FROM  THE  HEART
  3  EDITORIAL:  Your freedom   is in danger
 7  MEDIAMAIL: Letters from  our audience
 S  FAST FORWARD: Soaps  of  Ihe future
11  BOOK  MARKS: New entertainment   in print
13  INSIDE TRACKS:  Journey  tunes  up,  Quarterflash  takes  off for  the new  year
16  COMING ATTRACTIONS: A look ahead  at  the entertainment   in your future
18  GREASE  2:  A report card  on  the sequel  to  Hollywood's most  successful  musical
20  STAB: Psychiatrist  Roy Scheider   probes  for the  sinister  secret  in  Meryl Streep's  tite
22  ONE   FROM THE HEART:  Francis  Ford  Coppola  finds  romance and   rhythm  in Las  Vegas   (scan 1)
26  ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER:    An exclusive  conversation  on  the power  and  peril of  playing CONAN  (scan 2)
33  VIDEODROME:  Debble  Harry  tunes into  David Cronenberg's   TV terror  channel   (scan 3)
36  WILLIAM DEVANE: On the set   with one of  Hollywood's  most outstanding  and  outspoken  actors
      MARCO POLO:  The greatest  adventurer  of  them  all  travels east  again  to make   mini-series   history
44  DEATH WISH III Director  Michael  Winner unleashes  Charles   Bronson on  the mean  streets  of  LA
47  THE  CHALLENGE:   DIrector  John  Frankenheimer   puts a  new edge  on  honor
52  CANNERY  ROW:  Nick Nolte  and  Debra Winger  bring a  Steinbeck  classic  to  passionate  life
54  DEATH TRAP: Christopher   Beeve and   Michmed Caine are snared  in mystery  and  murder
56  BLADE  RUNNER:  Designer  Syd  Mead reveals  the startling  shape of  things to come   (scan 4)
SS STEPHEN   KING:  The modern   master  of horror   looks at  his future  projects  with grave  reservations
61 CREEPSHOW:  A first  look  behind the curtain   of  George  Rornero's  new  bestiary
69  WALLACE WOOD: The death  of  a legend,  the  loss of a  friend
(typos due to cheap OCR, and lazy proofreading)

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan; Stephen King on Creepshow and future projects; outspoken William Devane interview; Nastassia Kinski in One from the Heart; Nick Nolte and Debra Winger in Cannery Row; Debbie Harry in Videodrome; Charles Bronson in Death Wish II; Christopher Reeve and Michael Caine in Death Trap; Grease 2; Roy Scheider and Meryl Streep; the art of Blade Runner.

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