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#1-summer 1990 #1 revised 1/92 #2 - fall 1990 #3 #4 #5 - espionage #6 - Superheroes #7
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Episode Guides Automan 
Buck Rogers 
Fantastic Journey 
The Invaders 
Knight Rider 
Logan's Run 
The Phoenix 
Planet of the Apes 
The Starlost 
Stat' Trek 
Star Trek Animated 
Star Trek: The Next 
Voyagers .
Buck Rogers 
Fantastic Journey 
The Invaders 
Knight Rider 
Logan's Run 
The Phoenix 
Planet of the Apes 
The Starlost 
Star Trek 
Star Trek Animated 
Star lrek: The Next 
  Generation (years 1-3) 
Star lrek: The Next 
  Generation (year 4) 
#8 #9 - Horror #10 #11 - All British issue #12 - All British issue #13 - WAR #14 - WAR #15
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Episode Guides Fireball XL5 
Joe 90 
Star Cops 
Dr. Who, seasons 1-13
The Tripods 
Robin of Sherwood 
The Tomorrow People 
Sapphire and Steel 
Dr. Who, 
  seasons 14-26
Blake's 7 
Ace of Wands 
Captain Scarlet 
The Secret Service 
The Invisible Man 
Hitchhikers Guide 
  to the Galaxy 
Target Luna 
McHales Navy 
The Dirty Dozen 
Black Sheep 
Twelve O'Clock
The Rat Patrol 
Military Series Checklist
Koria & Viet-Nam
Call to Glory 
Thur of Duty 
China Beach 
British Military Series 
Epl-log #15: Covers: MacGyver (years 1-6), 
I Spy, 
T. J. Hooker,
Barbary Coast, 
6 Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman,
Untold tales: 
The Barbary Coast 
  (2 episodes)
#16 - All British issue #17 #19 - Jungle issue #20 - mysteries #21 - Cops # 22 - Sept 1992 Epi-Log Journal 1
Front Cover
Not Available
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Episode Guides UFO 
A For Andromeda 
Andromeda Breakthrough 
Adam Adamant Lives! 
Into the Labyrinth 
Out of the Unknown 
Quatermass (four series) 
Star Maidens
The Storyteller 
The Saint 
Return of the Saint 
Mission Impossible 
  (1966) ,  (1988) 
Thies of the Unexpected 
Misfits of Science 
Tucker's Witch 
The Saint (seasons 3-4) 
Alfred Hitchcock Presents 
Epi-log #18: Covers Magnum P.I. (years 1-2), Spenser For Hire,
The Fugitive (year I), The A-Team (year 1), Surf Side 6, 
Coronet Blue, 
Michael Shayne, P .I., 77 Sunset Strip, 
Hawaiian Eye, 
Untold tales: 
The A-Team, 
Magnum P .I.
Tarzan (1991) 
Tarzan (1966) 
Jungle Jim 
White Hunter 
Cowboy in Africa 
The A-Team 
The Fugitive 
Magnum, P.I.
Cover Up 
The Fugitive 
  (seasons 3-4) 
1\vin Peaks 
Magnum, Pl. (years 5-8) 
The Young Riders 
The Dow Hour of Great 
The Mystery Show 
Man and the Challenge 
Captain Midnight 
Inner Sanctum 
Hill Street Blues
Hawaii 5-0
The Adventures of 
Super Force 
Lightning Force 
Red Dwarf 
EPI-LOG Journal #1: 
Episode guides,
Cast interviews & Bios
an Irwin Allen special, covers 
Lost in Space,
Land of the Giants, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, 
The TimeTunnel, 
Swiss Family Robinson, The Return of Captain Nemo,
Untold tales: 
Lost in Space 
The following issues were listed as upcomming issues. (in the last issue that we have #22)
The contents may have changed by presstime.
Epilog #23: 
Sept. 1992?, covers 
I Dream of Jeanie, The Girl With Something Extra, When Things Were Rotten, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, It's About Time, Bewitched, Tabatha, My Secret Identity
Epilog #24:
Nov.1992?, covers My Favorite Martian, Struck By Lightning, Mork and Mindy, Holmes and Y0- Y0, The Munsters,
The Addams Family, Sledge Hammer, Quark
Epilog #25:
Dec.1992?, covers The Jetsons, Return to the Planet of the Apes, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Space Academy, Jason of Star Command, Fantastic Voyage, Danger
Mouse, Land of the Lost (new/old), Jonny Quest, Pink Panther, Ark II 
and other animated/Saturday morning shows
Epi-log #26: 
Dec. 15,1992? covers: Vegas, Nightmare Cafe, Sea Hunt (new), Sea Hunt (original), Riptide
Eplolog #27: Jan.1993?, covers Hawkins, The Rook-
ies, Shaft, Ripcord, Then Came Bronson, Jericho, Chips
Epi-log #28: 
Feb. 1993?, covers The Unexpected,
Hunter, Highway Patrol
Epi-iog #29: 
March 1993?, covers Aliens in the
Family, My Partner the Ghost, The Protectors, Secret Beneath the Sea, Freewheelers, Man in a Suitcase, The Persuaders, Mystery and Imagination, Space: 1999
Epi-log #30:
Apr. 1993?, covers Stingray (U.S. se-
ries), Wiseguy, Matt Houston
Epi-log #31
May 1993?, covers Tombstone Territory,
MacKenzie's Raiders, 
Bat Masterson, How the West Was Won,
Alias Smith and Jones
Epi-log #32
June 1993?, covers Shadow Chasers, The Golden Years, Mann and Machine, Probe, Kung-Fu, Sable, Eerie, Indiana
Epi-log #33
July 1993?, covers 21 Jump Street,
Booker, Super Force 1-3, Superboy 1-5
Epi-log #34
Aug. 1993?, covers Once a Hero, 
Adventures of Beans Baxter, The Aquanau~s, Young Indiana Jones

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