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UnderGroundCOMIX.INFO (
A  resource  for  collectors  of  Underground  Comix,
aka  'head  comix'  of  the  60's  &  70's.


A Visual  Guide  to 
Underground  COMIX  Reprints

A  graphical  aid  for  authenticating  the  various printings of  classic  'head'  Comix  of the  60's &  70's.  Intended  as  a  supplement  to J.Kennedy's 1982  guide,  with  some  updates. Collectors  participation  encouraged.

Is Back !!

Over 1100 coverscans  StarLog index

Head Comix Wiki
(use this backup start page
if there's a problem)

A collector created and edited Guide

to Underground Comix 1965-1985
Comix Links  Pages
Over  120  comix  related  links
in  14  categories

Mailbag  &  FAQ

Comix History  and Research Page
-  project on hold, but the links & stuff that we collected might be useful, 

New Price Guide
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See our 
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Jay Kennedy's Underground Comix Guide

unused $45
+ $5.75 shipping

We're talking about Underground Comics,  so calling anything "official" seems like a joke.
But after 30 years this book really is The Authority on Underground Comix.
(can you trust a book over 30?)
Published in 1982, the prices are a little out of date, but you still need this book.
Excelent shape, - click on images for XXL scans.


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                                     Zonker's  Collection

                                              "Selling-out"  after all these years


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Our Media Guides

"A Visual Guide to Underground Comix Reprints"
-  A valuable tool for colectors of UG comix.
"Comix Cover Gallery" - over 1000 Undeground covers.
"Epi-Log Guide" - A guide to guides of TV eposodes.
"Heavy Metal Guide" - The early years 1977-1982
"Starlog Guide" - 1977-1982 when it still ment something.

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This Site Hosted by

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