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A Visual Guide To
(Classic 'head' Comix  of the  60's  & 70's)
Compiled by  Zonker  Harris
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photo by Zonker 

  This is a guide to underground comix 
  Only Some  "first-and-Only" printings are  listed in this  guide  =  when  the  comic  itself  says  it's  the 1st  printing. 
  We list those "first-and-only" printings cus  some folks assume that if it says 1st,  that there must be more.   Which  in  most  cases,  ain't  so.
90% of titles are first-and-only printings. 
(and NOT covered in this guide) 
Only about 200 titles were reprinted. 
If your book is not in our Guide, it's safe to assume there was only one printing.


(1) Remember to click on the thumbnails for info.
Do not trust the text descriptions, we don't.
(2) Price stickers don't mean shit. Ignore them.
If they haven't fallen off by now, Do Not try to remove them - you might rip your book. Hold the cover up to a bright light - try to read through the sticker for the actual cover price.
(3) Prices  listed are the cover  price, as printed (no stickers). We are NOT a price guide.
(4) We have added © copyright notices and scanner credits (ex: ZH/RU) to our cover scans. Please do not report to us that they are missing from your book.
(5) If your book is not in our Guide, it's safe to assume there was only one printing.
(6) see also  Notes on using this Guide.

Some  Comix say which printing they are. 
(see boring text list  1)
But  some are wrong or misleading 
(see boring  text list 2)
Many  reprints are simply unknown. 
(see boring  text list  3)

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Why concentrate on reprints?
 (1) Because for some comix, the printing can be more important than condition.
      Newsstand comics are a delivery system for ads, so  have a one month shelf-life. (Most Comix were also printed only once.)
But Since  ComiX were marketed as a novelty item for head shops, some  were  reprinted for as long as they would sell. Early issues of Zap and Freak Brothers stayed 'in print'  over 30 years!
(can you trust a comic over 30?) 
With cover prices from .25 to $3.25 
Selling more copies than most newsstand comics. 
(2) Because we can. 
Text descriptions, of the differences between printings, Just Don't Cut It. It needs graphics,
like photos or scans. Which we can do better, online, than any paper guide.

Why just reprints? Why not a full Guide?
  Because full guides have been done, and better than we can do it. We highly recommend:

Jay Kennedy's  1982 
"The  Official Underground And Newave  Comix  Price  Guide" Boatner Norton Press   1982 
ISBN: 0-9606654-2-0 H   ISBN: 0-9606654-3-9 S
ISBN: 0-517-54789-8       cat. # 81-71170

just published:
"Fogel's Underground  Comix  Price  Guide" 
Hippy Comix 2006
In stores now.
INFO: 2010 FUG Supplement

On it's way to press NOW

Please consider our Guide to be a graphical supplement  to those guides.

work  in  progressThis project stalled around 2006,
No further updates are planned.
    Write me:zonker


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A Visual Guide to 
Underground Comix Reprints
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If you need the guide "to go"
We put it on a flash drive for you

1 copy
Jay Kennedy's Underground Comix Guide


We're talking about Underground Comics,  so calling anything "official" seems like a joke.
But after 30 years this book really is The Authority on Underground Comix.
(can you trust a book over 30?)
Published in 1982, the prices are a little out of date, but you still need this book.
Excelent shape,  just a scratch on the G in underground. click on images for XXL scans.
$50 + $5.60 shipping.

4/20  SALE
Click on titles for more info
Now to April 20th
70 Underground Comix reduced to just $7.50 each (up to 24% off)
For More Underground Comix

All Duck
Amazon comics
An Army of Principles
Anarchy #1 - 1st print
Anarchy #2 - 1st print
Animal Bite
Animal Weirdness
Arcade 4
Arcade 7
Areba Koala
Barbarian Killer
Barefootz #1
Barefootz #2
Barefootz #3
Big Trucker
Bum Wad

The Captain
Commies From Mars 2
Commies From Mars 4
Commies From Mars 5
Commies From Mars 6
Consumer Comix
Coochy Cooty Men's Comics - 2nd
Corporate Crime 2
Demented Pervert 1
Demented Pervert 2
Dirtball Funnies - 1st print 
D.O.A. Comics
Dr Atomic 2 - 2nd print 
Dr Atomic 3 - 1st print 
Dr Atomic 5
Dr Atomic 6
the DT's

Dutch Treat
Dynamite Damsels
Energy Comics
Enigma !
Facts o' Life Funnies - 2nd print
Fantagor 3
Fever Dreams - 5th print
Four-Fisted Tales
Fresca Zizis
Fresh Blood
Give Me Liberty
Greaser 2
Griffith Observatory 1
Guano 4

Half Assed Funnies
High-Flyin' Funnies
Hit The Road
Human Drama
Image Of The Beast, 1st print, 2nd
Inner City Romance 3, 4, 5
I Saw It,
Jesus  3
Joel Beck's comix & stories
Junior Jackalope 1
Kurtzman Komix
Laugh in the Dark
Lean Years
Little Gretta Garbage 1

Selections From Zonker's-Collection:

Feds 'n' Heads

Facts o' Life
Feaver Dreams

Fantagor 1
Binkey Brown California 1
Junkwaffel 1

God Nose

Board Game
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Gilbert Shelton Stuff

Feds 'n' Heads

2nd printing
Feds 'n' Heads

4th printing
Feds N Heads
board game
Facts o' Life
Freak Brothers 1 Freak Brothers 2 Freak Brothers 3 Freak Brothers 4
Freak Brothers 8

the Idiots Abroad 

Crumb-y Stuff


1st printing
Big Ass #2
Black & White
In stock, 
will be listed soon

Arcade 4, Arcade 7

Weirdo #2

Richard Corben Stuff

Anomaly 4
Fantagor 1
Fantagor 2 Fantagor 3
Feaver Dreams

S.Clay Wilson Stuff

Checkerd Demon 1
Checkerd Demon 2
Checkerd Demon 3
Barbarian Women 2

Bode Stuff

Junkwaffel 1

Vaughn Bode
Junkwaffel 2

Vaughn Bode
Junkwaffel 3

Vaughn Bode
Junkwaffel 4

Vaughn Bode
Best of
Cosmic Circus

Mark's 1st work

Larry Welz Stuff

American Flyer 1
American Flyer 2
Captain Guts 1

In stock, 
will be listed soon
Captain Guts 2

In stock, 
will be listed soon
Captain Guts 3

In stock, 
will be listed soon

Bizarre Sex


2nd printing
In stock, 
will be listed soon

1st printing

In stock, 
will be listed soon

In stock, 
will be listed soon



3rd printing

3rd printing

1st printing

4th printing

3rd printing

2nd printing

2nd printing

British Imports

Animal Weirdness
Graphixus #5
Brainstorm #5

In stock, 
will be listed soon
Cosmic Comix #6


Arcade #4 Arcade #7 Comix Book #1
Weirdo #2
Brainstorm #5
In stock, 
will be listed soon
Graphixus #5

More  Comix Magazines

Graphic Novels,  TPBs , & STUFF

Mouse Liberation Front Communique #1

CoEvolution Quarterly #21
In stock, 
will be listed soon
Best of
Rip Off Press #3

New Adventures of JESUS

More  Graphic Novels

Sex to Sexty

.   .   .   .   . ..
# 87 "Boy Wonders" 1977 .   .   .   #100 "Scared Stiff" 1977 

Original Art

"Dateline: @!!?#
- The Video"

Title Card
by Fred Hembeck


Bogeyman 3 Book of Raziel

more  Comix  .  .  .  more  Comics
Pre-Internet Porn
From Zonker's-Collection


Reprint Guide  launched 01/01/01 
Moved  to  01/01/02 
Stalled around 2006
As of 2007 no updates are planed
text Copyright © 2000-2006 Zonker Harris
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