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A Visual Guide to Underground Comix Reprints
  1 - You DO NOT have the right to use anything on this site.
  2 - All text is Copyright © 2000-2006 Zonker Harris
  3 - All images are copyright by the artists or publishers. We
        got their premission, that permision does not extend to you.
Text Usage
Music pirates are fond of saying "Information wants to be free".
What the idiots don't know is that under copyright law,
information itself IS free.
The facts that a comic exists, what it contains, who did it, how it is diffrent, and other factual details - is public knowledge, in the "Public Domain", and not copyrightable. 
Facts belong to everone.
However, the words we use to describe those facts belong to us.
Copyright © 2000-2006 Zonker Harris
So if you plan to republish or distrubute this info - you need to put it in your own words.

Art Usage

We got premission to use the art of some artists and publishers, (see the credits page) that permision does not extend to you.
This Guide is a refrence work. Our use of bits & pieces to educate the public, is in the spirit of "Fair Use".
The full Cover Scans are not reproductions. They are photos of actiual phisical objects (comix) owned by Zonker and/or other contributers (see the credits page). The scans contain titles, logos, staples, price stickers, defects, wear & tear, and other artifacts that differentiate them from the original art. And are used as evidence of the book's distinguishing features.
If you plan to use our scans - DON'T.  Make your own scan or get premission from the scanner.
Note: claiming these scans represent a book you own - is fraud.
Notes on using this Guide.
* This is not a price guide. Any price listed is the cover price.
* 90% of underground titles were 1st and only printings
* This is a REPRINT guide, and only lists the other 10%
* If a title is not listed here, it's safe to assume it was never 
    reprinted. (as if we never make mistakes)
* Price stickers don't mean shit. Iginore them. Don't try to
   remove them, you might rip your book. Hold the cover up to 
   a bright light to read through, and see the actual cover price.
* If it says 1st printing, does not mean there was a 2nd.
* About 10 titles say 1st printing, but are actully 2nd. (see list)
* Click on the thumbnail covers for the tells (distingushing 
    features). (the 'visual' part of the Guide)
We have added © copyright notices and scanner credits
  (ex: ZH/RU) to our cover scans. Please do not report to us
    that they are missing from your book.
* No further updates are planned.

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"A Visual Guide to Underground Comix Reprints"
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"Heavy Metal Guide" - The early years 1977-1982
"Starlog Guide" - 1977-1982 when it still ment something.

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A  titles   4 SALE   . 
Aardvark #2
All-Atomic Comics - 1st print
All New Underground Comix #1 - 1st 
All New Underground Comix #2
All New Underground Comix #3
All New Underground Comix #4
All New Underground Comix #5
All Night Comics #1
American Flyer #1
American Flyer #2
Animal Weirdness
Anomaly #4
Antisocialman Annual 1 - 1985
Areba Koala
Are Your Highs Getting You Down? - 2nd print
Army Surplus Komikz 1 cutey Bunny
Army Surplus Komikz 2 cutey Bunny
Army Surplus Komikz 3 cutey Bunny
Artistic Comics - 1st print
Artistic Comics - 2nd print w/ error
B  titles   4 SALE   . 
Balloon Vendor 
Barbarian #3
Barbarian Killer
Barbarian Women #2
Barefootz #1
Barefootz #2
Barefootz #3
Barn Of Fear
Best of Cosmic Circus
Best of Rip Off Press #3
- New Adventures of Jesus
Bicentennial Gross-Outs
Big Ass #2 -  2nd print
Bijou #2 - 3rd print
Bijou #3 - 3rd print
Bijou #4 - 1st print
Bijou #5 - 4th print
Bijou #6 - 3rd print
Bijou #7 - 2nd print
Bijou #8 - 2nd print
Binky Brown meets Holy Virgin Mary 
- 1st print -  2nd print -
Bizarre Sex #1 - 2nd print
Bizarre Sex #2 - 1st print
Bizarre Sex #2 - 2nd print
Bizarre Sex #3
Bizarre Sex #4
Bizarre Sex #10
Bogeyman 3
Brain Fantasy #1
Brain Fantasy #2
Brainstorm 5
 C  titles   4 SALE   . 
California Comics 1
Captain Guts 2
Captain Guts 3
Cartoon History of the Universe 1
Cartoon History of the Universe 2
Cartoon History of the Universe 3
Chocolate Alphabet
Collected Cheech Wizard - 3rd print
Comix Book #1
Consumer Comix
Cosmic Capers
Best of Cosmic Circus
Cosmic Comix 6
D  titles   4 SALE   . 
Dan O'Neill's Comics & Stories v 1 # 2
Dan O'Neill's Comics & Stories v 2 # 1
Dan O'Neill's Comics & Stories v 2 # 2
Death Rattle v 1 # 2
Death Rattle v 1 # 3
Death Rattle v 2 # 9
Deep 3*D  - 3rd print 
Demented Pervert 1
Demented Pervert 2
Despair - 5fh print 
Dirtball Funnies - 1st print 
Dirty Duck Book
Dirty Laundry 1  - 1st print
Dirty Laundry 2  - 1st print
D.O.A. Comics
Dope Comix 3   - 1st print
Dopin' Dan 1 - 3rd print SIGNED
Dopin' Dan 2 - 3rd print SIGNED
Dopin' Dan 3 - 2nd print SIGNED
Dopin' Dan 4 (Todays Army)
Dr Atomic 1 - 3rd print 
Dr Atomic 2 - 2nd print 
Dr Atomic 3 - 1st print 
Dr Atomic 4 Pipe & Dope Book 1st print
Dr Atomic 5
Dr Atomic 6
Dr Wirtham's Comix & Stories # 1
Dr Wirtham's Comix & Stories # 2,
Dutch Treat
Dynamite Damsels
E  titles   4 SALE   . 
Energy Comics
Enigma !
Eternal Comics
F  titles   4 SALE   . 
Facts o' Life Funnies - 2nd print
Fantagor 3
Fat Freddy's Cat 6
Feds 'N' Heads  - 2nd print
Feds 'N' Heads  - 4th print
Feelgood Funnies
Fever Dreams
First Kingdom 1-9
First Kingdom 10-18
Flamed-Out Funnies 1
Flamed-Out Funnies 2
Food Comics
Food First
Forbidden Knowledge 1 & 2
Four-Fisted Tales
Freak Brothers 1 - 6th print
Freak Brothers 2
Freak Brothers 3
Freak Brothers 4 - 1st print
Freak Brothers 5
Freak Brothers 6
Freak Brothers 8

G  titles   4 SALE   . 
Galumph 10/2
Girl Fight 1 & 2
Give Me Liberty
God Nose - 3rd print
Gory Stories Quarterly 2.5
Graphixus 5
Great Society
Greaser 2
Griffith Observatory 1
Guano 4

H  titles   4 SALE   . 
Hard Times
Harold Hedd 1
Heavy Tragicomics
High Adventure
High-Flyin' Funnies
Hit The Road
Home Grown Funnies
Human Drama
HUP 1 & 2
Hydrogen Bomb and Biochemical
  Warfare Funnies
I  titles   4 SALE   . 
Inner City Romance 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Insect Fear 1, 2, 3
Image Of The Beast, 1st print, 2nd
It's A Dog's Life
I Saw It,
J  titles   4 SALE   . 
Jesus 1, 2, 3
Joel Beck's comix & stories
Judy Tunafish
Junior Jackalope 1
Junkwaffel 1, 2, 3, 4
K  titles   4 SALE   . 
Kanned Korn Komix
Kingdom of Heaven is Within You
Knockabout 1 Kukawy Comics
Kurtzman Komix
L  titles   4 SALE   . 
L.A. Comics 2
Laugh in the Dark
Lean Years
Left-Field Funnies
Leagon of Charlies
Lemmie Outa Here
Light Tragicomics
M  titles   4 SALE   . 
Mama Dramas
The Man, (2nd) 
The Man, (3rd)
Mean Bitch Thrills
Meef #1 & 2
Melotoons 2
Mendocino Funnies
Merton of the Movement 
Middle Class Fantasies 1 & 2 
Middle Class Fantasies  2, (signed)
Mom's Homemade 1, 2,& 3
Mom's Homemade 3 (signed)
Mondo Snarfo
Moondog 1,2,3,4
Motor City 1,2
Mother's Oats 1,2,3
Mr.Natural 1,2,3

N  titles   4 SALE   . 
Nard n' Pat #1 & 2
Net Profet 
New Funny Book #2 & 3
New Paltz #2 & 3
No Ducks #1 & 2
Noof Unnies 
Not Quite Dead # 1 & 4 

O  titles   4 SALE   . 
O.K. Comics 1 & 2, O.K. Comics 1 & 2, O.K. Comics 1 & 2,
P  titles   4 SALE   . 
Pagfeek Papers
Pandora's Box
People's Comics  - 1st, 2nd printings
Power Pak 1
Projunior - 4th print
Psychotic Adventures 1
Psychotic Adventures 2
Psychotic Adventures 3
Pudge, girl blimp 1
Pudge, girl blimp 2
Pudge, girl blimp 3
Pure Joy
Purple Cat

Q  titles   . 
R  titles   . 
S  titles   . 
Spasm, SIGNED  Spasm, SIGNED  Spasm, SIGNED 
T  titles   . 
Thoroughly Ripped
W  titles   . 
Wonder Warthog Nurds O Nov. Wonder Warthog Nurds O Nov.
Z  titles   . 
Zap-Jam (Zam)
Heavy Metal   . 
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